Taco del Mar, el Guapo.

Today at work, they were having a party for the last of the people who are being relocated. Some to San Antonio, some to Long Beach, CA, but all away from here. The office here in Auburn, WA will be, shall we say, desolate? It is already almost a graveyard. There are soooooo many empty cubicles up here. It's like there is a drought at the cube farm. Having narrowly avoided downsizing, I see the depressing results, while those who got the axe have moved on to other things. Just about everyone I was friends with was laid off in the first round of choppings. Since then, I have become slightly more gregarious toward other people here at the office. But I must admit, I have no desire whatsoever to try to make a bunch of friends here. I have all the friends I need, and none of them work with me. Anyway, the food that was brought in was from a restaurant here called Taco Del Mar. I am not sure if there are any Taco Del Mar locations outside of the Pacific Northwest, but it is one of my favorite restaurants, by far. The only thing better than Taco Del Mar is FREE Taco Del Mar.

Recently, Lisa and I started reading The Wheel Of Time series by Robert Jordan. It is Lisa's first time with the novels, and my second. They are so intricate and wonderful. The world created by RJ is just amazing. You can tell, just from the first book, that he must have spent years on just the backstory. The main story reveals bits and pieces of the backstory as you go along, and through it all, you cannot help but be amazed at the effort that went into all of this. It's truly mind-boggling sometimes. I can't wait until Lisa gets to find out the coolest things about the main characters.

I also watched Last Comic Standing 2 last night. Good times. There are a lot of comics on that show that I have never seen before, but there were a couple that I have seen, and REALLY enjoy. Pablo Francisco and John Heffron are two of the best up and coming comics I have heard lately. Visit their sites. They have some awesome material going.

One last thing. I am a self-admitted gadget junkie. I LOVE gadgets. I just wish I could afford all the ones I see and want. The one I am lusting after the most right now, though, is the Creative Zen Touch. Hold crud I want one of those. I could hold more than my entire music collection on one of those puppies. It would be wonderful. And it will start at only $269.99!!!! Must....start....saving........


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