Laziness is a cancer

As evidenced by the lack of recent updates to this blog. You skip one day, and all of a sudden, two weeks has gone by with nothing to show for it all. Anyway, things have been interesting lately. Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle was a bust for the most part. The weather sucked almost all weekend. Good thing the campsite we wanted to go to was all booked up. We would have spent a very wet weekend up in the San Juan islands, and that would not have been fun at all. I am not one of those whimpy people who "camps" in a trailer. I am all about the tent camping. If you want all the comforts of home, stay home. But yeah, the weekend was kind of boring for that reason. But on the bright side, it was a very productive weekend since Lisa and I were stuck inside for so much of it. We got a bunch of cleaning done and we built a frame for my huge Dave Matthews poster. This is the second frame we have built, and we are getting pretty good at it.

The more we do stuff like that, though, the more we want to find an actual house and buy it. Granted, it is never just as easy as that, but you can dream, right? We would love to be able to buy a house. Even if it was one that we had to do a bunch of projects on, that would be fine. I have no problem doing stuff like that. I actually enjoy it quite a bit. We just might have to wait a little while before we do something like that, though. There are little things like the rest of my schooling that need to be taken care of, and that might delay the purchase of a house. We shall see. Just with the income that we have now, though, we could get a decent mortgage for a house that would fit us VERY well for the next five or ten years. We shall see.

Work is getting to be more and more of a chore, unfortunately. This is what happens when you have a job rather than a career. I come to work simply to pay the bills. That's it. I don't come out of any sense of personal satisfaction or enjoyment of my work. I am very much looking forward to the day when I will be able to look forward to going to work. Well, that might never happen, but I would settle for not dreading the sight of my office.

School starts up in just about a month, though, so I will finally be able to feel like I am doing something worthwhile that will help me to progress in my professional life. YAY! I hope that will be interesting. Once again, we shall see.

Anyway, I should run for now. Thanks for listening.


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