...I think I will just go and eat worms

So it looks like pretty much nobody ever comes to my site. That kind of sucks. No comments, no friends, nobody loves my blog, everybody hates my blog, I guess my blog will just go and eat worms.... Whatevah. I didn't necessarily write this stuff just so that people would read it. It is a great way to vent a little bit. And if other people happen to see it and enjoy it, well then all the better.

"Farenheit 9/11" is annoying the crap out of me. Michael Moore in general can shampoo my crotch. He is nothing more than the documentary equivalent of a morning radio "shock jock". All he does is try to do more and more offensive things in order to get more publicity. Attention, attention, I want attention. Get a life and grow up, Mr. Moore. Not everything in life is about getting attention, no matter how good you might be at goading the media into shamelessly promoting your every crappy piece of film.

I cannot wait for Spiderman 2. I have liked the whole Spiderman story for a long time. Seeing it on the big screen, with blockbuster special effects treatment is very gratifying. Lately, I have been seeing various articles analyzing the whole thing. "Why does Spiderman appeal to teenage boys?" "Why do we like such a flawed and vulnerable hero?" Blah blah blah. We like Spidey for these very easy reasons. At some point, we have all wanted to be super-strong and heroic. We have all made the Spiderman hand gesture, and imagined shooting high-tensile-strength goo at people and things. And we share the feelings of Peter Parker. Guilt about things we coulda/shoulda/woulda done at some point, and a need to do what we can. Besides, Mary Jane has always been hot. :-D

So I got some online photo storage space, and I want to start posting some pictures in here. This will be my first attempt (other than the picture in my profile). These are a couple of pictures from my wedding. That was the best day ever.


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