Rant -- The first of what is sure to be many

There are ups and downs to everything on the internet. I love eBay. Where else could I find things like Star Trek Micro Machines, since they were discontinued by Galoob? Or imported Japanese toys made by Furuta? Nowhere. Well, at least, nowhere for that cheap. Unfortunately, I ended up dealing with a shizmonkey recently. Every other person I have ever bought from or sold to on eBay has been awesome. I have gotten what I wanted, and have paid fair prices. But recently, I was trying to obtain one of the aforementioned Furuta toys (a small model of the USS Prometheus from Star Trek: Voyager). I won the auction, and the guy charged me $5.29 in shipping and handling.

"Okay," I thought. "He is charging me that much because of the protective packaging, similar to the other Furuta models I have bought from other people."

No dice, Chino. I got my model in a plain bubble envelope ($0.99 tops) and with a postage stamp of $0.83. The MOST this jerk paid was $1.82 for "shipping and handling" costs. So I left him some feedback. Not negative, like he deserved, but neutral. I had agreed to the terms without fully knowing what they were. Fine. Lesson learned, but I thought I would inform the other people looking at his feedback that he is a shizmonkey who rips off people for shipping and handling.

Next thing I know, he leaves me negative feedback saying that shipping is not a hidden charge and that I shouldn't have bid if I didn't want to pay shipping. So my feedback score is damaged, even though I didn't damage his. What a piece of crap! I know it is a small annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. It really is a shame that "time4toyz" had to be such an infantile schmuck about it. Upon looking further into his feedback record, I found that I am not the only one that had this experience with this turd burgular. Now I am wiser, annoyed, and somewhat jaded. Buyers beware of this peon.

Shizmonkey's Feedback Page


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