Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

This is a great little personality test. I turned out to be most like Yoda. Thought it, who would have? Hmmmm? Yes... Happy I am to be like Yoda. Wise and masterful he is. Yes.....


...I think I will just go and eat worms

So it looks like pretty much nobody ever comes to my site. That kind of sucks. No comments, no friends, nobody loves my blog, everybody hates my blog, I guess my blog will just go and eat worms.... Whatevah. I didn't necessarily write this stuff just so that people would read it. It is a great way to vent a little bit. And if other people happen to see it and enjoy it, well then all the better.

"Farenheit 9/11" is annoying the crap out of me. Michael Moore in general can shampoo my crotch. He is nothing more than the documentary equivalent of a morning radio "shock jock". All he does is try to do more and more offensive things in order to get more publicity. Attention, attention, I want attention. Get a life and grow up, Mr. Moore. Not everything in life is about getting attention, no matter how good you might be at goading the media into shamelessly promoting your every crappy piece of film.

I cannot wait for Spiderman 2. I have liked the whole Spiderman story for a long time. Seeing it on the big screen, with blockbuster special effects treatment is very gratifying. Lately, I have been seeing various articles analyzing the whole thing. "Why does Spiderman appeal to teenage boys?" "Why do we like such a flawed and vulnerable hero?" Blah blah blah. We like Spidey for these very easy reasons. At some point, we have all wanted to be super-strong and heroic. We have all made the Spiderman hand gesture, and imagined shooting high-tensile-strength goo at people and things. And we share the feelings of Peter Parker. Guilt about things we coulda/shoulda/woulda done at some point, and a need to do what we can. Besides, Mary Jane has always been hot. :-D

So I got some online photo storage space, and I want to start posting some pictures in here. This will be my first attempt (other than the picture in my profile). These are a couple of pictures from my wedding. That was the best day ever.



Since I rarely get any comments on my posts, I want to see if anyone other than me actually visits, so I am putting a counter on the site now. Ah, experimentation.


Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are just completely worn out? I have. This week was just such an experience. Argh. I played a couple of softball games with the company team on Monday night, which were fine except the team we played was incredibly good. But when I was done with the games, I was tired, and I could feel the soreness coming on. After a night's rest, I was doing fine. But on Tuesday night, I had church softball team practice. Followed by an impromptu basketball game with a group of eight 12-to-13-year-olds. By the time I got home on Tuesday night, I was dying. I was totally worn out and sore. I am so out of shape it is embarrassing. But anyway, when I woke up on Wednesday, I was not a happy camper. I w3as very sore and very tired still. I came to work, and could only manage a half day. I took the other half day as sick time because I seriously was in pain. I went home and got to sleep a little more of the pain and exhaustion off. Luckily, things are less sore today, but I am still just dog tired. I am really going to have to pace myself if I am going to survive this new calling as Deacons' Quorum advisor.

But the good news is that I got to order a couple of things from my favorite online store, ThinkGeek. I love that store. They have the finest in apparel that will advertise your geekiness. I have several T-shirt purchases planned. Mwahahahahaha! I am not sure why I felt like a little maniacal laughter there, but it felt nice. Anyway, go to ThinkGeek and buy lots of stuff. In addition to their awesome clothing items, they have some of the coolest toys ever, for kids both young and old.

Also, I got a few things from Old Navy because they are having a killer sale right now. I love Old Navy.

Until next time, adieu.



Is there anyting in this world more depressing than finances? I find myself looking into things like buying a house or a nice car, and it boggles the mind. How do people ever manage to do it? There are so many hoops to jump through and hurdles to jump over. It's insane. There is no reason why it should be that hard to buy a house. Although when I look through the listings and all of that, I see lots of different places that I would love to live, I always come back to the realization that Lisa and I are probably going to have to start out in a small, old, fixer type of house. This is something to which I am not looking forward. I don't want to have to compromise on something like a house. I don't have any problem doing the work and all of that, but there is a desire to not have to move which motivates most of what I do. I would REALLY love it if I only had to move once or twice more in my entire life. I just hate moving sooooo much. Otherwise, we would constantly be looking for a better deal than the place we live right now.

And buying a car.... Man. Why does it all have to be so hard? Granted, it will be easier to do that than to get a house, but still. I just wish it was easier and that people would trust us more. There is nothing quite so degrading as a credit check. Okay, maybe there are things more degrading than that, but it always frustrates me. Such is the life of someone with "less-than-perfect" credit.

Oh, well. Just needed to vent that. Back to house-searching.


Taco del Mar, el Guapo.

Today at work, they were having a party for the last of the people who are being relocated. Some to San Antonio, some to Long Beach, CA, but all away from here. The office here in Auburn, WA will be, shall we say, desolate? It is already almost a graveyard. There are soooooo many empty cubicles up here. It's like there is a drought at the cube farm. Having narrowly avoided downsizing, I see the depressing results, while those who got the axe have moved on to other things. Just about everyone I was friends with was laid off in the first round of choppings. Since then, I have become slightly more gregarious toward other people here at the office. But I must admit, I have no desire whatsoever to try to make a bunch of friends here. I have all the friends I need, and none of them work with me. Anyway, the food that was brought in was from a restaurant here called Taco Del Mar. I am not sure if there are any Taco Del Mar locations outside of the Pacific Northwest, but it is one of my favorite restaurants, by far. The only thing better than Taco Del Mar is FREE Taco Del Mar.

Recently, Lisa and I started reading The Wheel Of Time series by Robert Jordan. It is Lisa's first time with the novels, and my second. They are so intricate and wonderful. The world created by RJ is just amazing. You can tell, just from the first book, that he must have spent years on just the backstory. The main story reveals bits and pieces of the backstory as you go along, and through it all, you cannot help but be amazed at the effort that went into all of this. It's truly mind-boggling sometimes. I can't wait until Lisa gets to find out the coolest things about the main characters.

I also watched Last Comic Standing 2 last night. Good times. There are a lot of comics on that show that I have never seen before, but there were a couple that I have seen, and REALLY enjoy. Pablo Francisco and John Heffron are two of the best up and coming comics I have heard lately. Visit their sites. They have some awesome material going.

One last thing. I am a self-admitted gadget junkie. I LOVE gadgets. I just wish I could afford all the ones I see and want. The one I am lusting after the most right now, though, is the Creative Zen Touch. Hold crud I want one of those. I could hold more than my entire music collection on one of those puppies. It would be wonderful. And it will start at only $269.99!!!! Must....start....saving........


Laziness is a cancer

As evidenced by the lack of recent updates to this blog. You skip one day, and all of a sudden, two weeks has gone by with nothing to show for it all. Anyway, things have been interesting lately. Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle was a bust for the most part. The weather sucked almost all weekend. Good thing the campsite we wanted to go to was all booked up. We would have spent a very wet weekend up in the San Juan islands, and that would not have been fun at all. I am not one of those whimpy people who "camps" in a trailer. I am all about the tent camping. If you want all the comforts of home, stay home. But yeah, the weekend was kind of boring for that reason. But on the bright side, it was a very productive weekend since Lisa and I were stuck inside for so much of it. We got a bunch of cleaning done and we built a frame for my huge Dave Matthews poster. This is the second frame we have built, and we are getting pretty good at it.

The more we do stuff like that, though, the more we want to find an actual house and buy it. Granted, it is never just as easy as that, but you can dream, right? We would love to be able to buy a house. Even if it was one that we had to do a bunch of projects on, that would be fine. I have no problem doing stuff like that. I actually enjoy it quite a bit. We just might have to wait a little while before we do something like that, though. There are little things like the rest of my schooling that need to be taken care of, and that might delay the purchase of a house. We shall see. Just with the income that we have now, though, we could get a decent mortgage for a house that would fit us VERY well for the next five or ten years. We shall see.

Work is getting to be more and more of a chore, unfortunately. This is what happens when you have a job rather than a career. I come to work simply to pay the bills. That's it. I don't come out of any sense of personal satisfaction or enjoyment of my work. I am very much looking forward to the day when I will be able to look forward to going to work. Well, that might never happen, but I would settle for not dreading the sight of my office.

School starts up in just about a month, though, so I will finally be able to feel like I am doing something worthwhile that will help me to progress in my professional life. YAY! I hope that will be interesting. Once again, we shall see.

Anyway, I should run for now. Thanks for listening.


Wednesday drudgery

A couple of days between posts can be a good thing. Really. Okay, maybe not. But, seeing as how I really don't have an audience at all, no one is really going to care. I can only hope that some day, someone will stumble onto my blog here and read all of the archives because they find me SOOOOOO interesting.

Anyway, Lisa and I are going to see Shrek 2 today. Suhweet! I loved the first one, and the second one looks just as funny, if not more so. So good times. I will post a review after I see it.

I am a huge fan of the Barenaked Ladies. Or, as I like to call them, The Ladies. They are just such an incredibly talented and cool band. You gotta love guys who have been doing the music thing for more than a decade, most of which without a ton of success, but keep going. Not only do they keep going, they keep getting better. That is what happens when you get five extremely talented musicians together who also are all good friends. Nothing quite like a band that makes great music and sells a bunch of CDs, but still doesn't get over-inflated egos or anything. By the way, their newest album, "Everything to Everyone", is AWESOME. But even as great as they are in the studio, they are even better live. I will be attending my third BNL concert in June, and I am totally excited.

I wish there was more to put in here, but I am afraid not. Maybe if I get bored later I will post something else. We shall see. Until then, keep rockin' with the Ladies.


Random thoughts on a boring Friday

Can there be anything more boring than my job sometimes? All I can say is holy crap, yo. This is only exacerbated by the fact that it is beautiful outside and I am longing to throw around a softball or something. Sometimes, I have to think so hard to find something to keep my brain from shutting down at work that I actually get headaches. It is a good thing they pay me as much as they do to be here....

Tonight should be fun, though. Lisa and I are going to some batting cages to get the rust out of our softball swings. Got to get ready for church softball and the Tesoro Company Softball teams. I will be batting normally (right-handed) for the church team, but the league that my company team plays is requires that all the men bat opposite-handed. This is the first time that I have had to learn to switch hit, and I suck. But that is what the cages are for. Maybe it will be better when I can take some real switch hitting batting practice on an actual field. Lisa will still get to bat normally for this company league, so she should do pretty well. I will just look like I have a developmental disability.

This blog is a great way to express some thoughts when I have no work to do. My job is data entry, which requires almost no brain power. Seriously, a retarded monkey could do my job.... Anyway, since my job does not require any higher thinking, my mind is left to its own whims during the day. This can be a blessing, but is most often a curse. I tend to have several things idling in the back of me head throughout the day. Sometimes, that means over-analysis of dumb things. Other times it means extreme impatience to do things that I have to wait for until after work.... But the blessing part is when I get to think of my beautiful wife and what a wonderful, vital part of my life she has become. I have only known Lisa for a year and five months, but I cannot imagine life without her now that she has planted her flag in my heart and claimed it for Spain. Or for Lisapantsylvania....

Oh, blessed weekend, come sooner! I don't want to have to sit through another hour of work! I want to go home and play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and continue directing my character (Wunder Bunnz) down the path of the Dark Side.... Time to fry Force-wielders with some Force Lightning and blast the weaker people in the face. Mwahahahahahahahaha!

Bye for now.

Get Fuzzy

Get Fuzzy

One of the greatest comics of all time. Definitely a daily read for me. And it should be for all who read this blog, too. Even though there currently are no other people who read this blog....

The Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron

Yes. It is true. I am a big Harry Potter fan. And this site is the best Harry Potter news site out there. Enjoy.

User Friendly the Comic Strip - The Daily Static

User Friendly the Comic Strip - The Daily Static

Any self-respecting geek will read this comic, and will love it. This is the greatest.


Dave Barry's Blog

Dave Barry's Blog

I love this blog. This is one of the things that inspired me to start my own.

Rant -- The first of what is sure to be many

There are ups and downs to everything on the internet. I love eBay. Where else could I find things like Star Trek Micro Machines, since they were discontinued by Galoob? Or imported Japanese toys made by Furuta? Nowhere. Well, at least, nowhere for that cheap. Unfortunately, I ended up dealing with a shizmonkey recently. Every other person I have ever bought from or sold to on eBay has been awesome. I have gotten what I wanted, and have paid fair prices. But recently, I was trying to obtain one of the aforementioned Furuta toys (a small model of the USS Prometheus from Star Trek: Voyager). I won the auction, and the guy charged me $5.29 in shipping and handling.

"Okay," I thought. "He is charging me that much because of the protective packaging, similar to the other Furuta models I have bought from other people."

No dice, Chino. I got my model in a plain bubble envelope ($0.99 tops) and with a postage stamp of $0.83. The MOST this jerk paid was $1.82 for "shipping and handling" costs. So I left him some feedback. Not negative, like he deserved, but neutral. I had agreed to the terms without fully knowing what they were. Fine. Lesson learned, but I thought I would inform the other people looking at his feedback that he is a shizmonkey who rips off people for shipping and handling.

Next thing I know, he leaves me negative feedback saying that shipping is not a hidden charge and that I shouldn't have bid if I didn't want to pay shipping. So my feedback score is damaged, even though I didn't damage his. What a piece of crap! I know it is a small annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. It really is a shame that "time4toyz" had to be such an infantile schmuck about it. Upon looking further into his feedback record, I found that I am not the only one that had this experience with this turd burgular. Now I am wiser, annoyed, and somewhat jaded. Buyers beware of this peon.

Shizmonkey's Feedback Page

First Post

After reading the blog on the website for my favorite band, the Barenaked ladies (BNL Website) as well as Dave Barry's Blog, I decided to set up my own blog. This way, I can wax poetic whenever I have dead time at work (90% of the time) or when something particularly interesting happens. Okay, whenever anything happens, interesting or not. Here's to a blog of my favorite things, people, and thoughts. Thanks.